She's a Queen With or Without You

Love Yourself...
If you can’t be the best for yourself how can you be the best for anyone else...? We have had all these years of education but not one class on loving ourselves, yet it’s “the most important” thing to do.
After many months of being in an abusive relationship where I lost all my self esteem, confidence and creativity its been a long journey getting back on track, learning how to love myself and remember how amazing I am, but with the right people guiding me and my self discipline the comeback is finally looking better than the setback.
I’ve been told by many mentors that the secret behind success and happiness is loving myself first, the next question I have is how?
Here’s how I’m starting... Owning my shit! Being grateful for my “imperfections”. Knowing that someone else’s opinion isn’t my reality, stop criticising myself and watch the way I talk to myself. I catch myself saying things that I would never say to my family, friends, clients or anyone in my life so why do I say these things to myself 🤷🏼‍♀️ and lastly choosing the pain of growth rather than the pain of staying in my comfort zone. I am jumping right out of my comfort zone with this post however I can only imagine how many girls are trying to attain the “perfect body” and thinking you should look a certain way to be “beautiful” or instaperfect so I just want to remind you that you are already couture... that you’re not meant to fit in when you’re custom made ✨ 
You are a Queen with or without him so act like it and own it! If something doesn't align with you, if something doesn't feel right listen to your intuition because it's telling you something.
Thank you to everyone who has believed in me in moments that I haven’t believed in myself, I have so much love for you all. Please share this with someone who needs to hear this or if this inspires you because I have come across a lot of women who are going through the same thing but don't know who to turn to. I know the feeling because I was in it not very long ago ❤️ P.S I’m wear shapewear and hair extensions in this photo, so 20% of my hair isn’t even real 🤣
📸 Mama @audinoconnie